"I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free." —Eris in Principia Discordia
anam6_300dpi.jpg Anam Turas Pagan Learning Group is a place for people to freely find their path of spiritual growth. Its home is on the sims of Gaia Rising in Second Life. We have four sims of beautiful forests, amazing vistas, and peaceful mountains, surrounded by soothing, gentle waters. It is truly a place to explore, relax and learn.

You will find the peace that can only be found in nature here, and people who share a journey filled with the love of Gaia.  Activities include group discussions, shamanistic journeys, meditation, classes, drumming and dancing, and various rituals. At Anam Turas we believe that we are all teachers and students.

Come to a concert at our beautiful Natural Ampitheatre seemingly created by Gaia herself for this very purpose. Come on over to our Outer Banks sim to visit Greenman's Grove which is dedicated to Pagan men, to experience a sense  of the vastness that is Anam Turas or sit in the solitude of Mysticsea where you will find the Astral Plane and our hand terraformed  Labrynth, one can truely feel connected with All That Is here. You can also visit our beautiful sand dunes on the shore of Moonisles which we have dedicated to the Elements.

anam2_300dpi.jpgCome see our Sacred Stone Ritual Circle, or our Medicine Wheels.  Visit our beautiful new tavern, The Blue Moon for a relaxed atmosphere of pagan camaraderie after shopping at our pagan goods only Trading Post.
Spend time  at Clear Bear Ridge where you will feel the primal spirit of the ancestors. 

Have your breath taken away gliding over Gaia Rising in our hang gliders or grab a tour on our new  inter-sim Hot Air Ballon. Enjoy a peacefully meandering tour floating on the canoe ride.  Explore by foot and search for our many hidden caves, some left by ancestors long departed. 

Anam Turas is Celtic for Soul's Journey and that is what you will find here. A place of natural beauty, filled with wonderful people.

To describe Gaia Rising in two words, one would have to say "Unconditional Love."  Here at Gaia Rising we say "Just Be."
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